Veteran Tattoo Artist Coy Azimuth

The first thing Coy will tell you about his career is that he never intended to become a tattoo artist. He started tattooing in 2016 when he was deployed in Afghanistan. His fellow Marines noticed he had a natural ability to draw very detailed parts of the male anatomy, so a buddy gave him a tattoo machine and asked, "Can you draw anything else?" The rest is history. 

Coy served 14 years in the Marine Corps, more than half of which on a Special Operations Forces team at MARSOC. He started tattooing at Wet Bucket in 2019 because of the art therapy it provides for the TBI he sustained in combat. Art therapy for combat veterans helps in a variety of ways: it provides emotional relief for TBI survivors and for those who struggle with depression or anxiety to express emotions and improve their reality orientation.

He started as an American Traditional artist, but his style now has evolved to focus on more illustrative work.


To see more of his work, follow us on Instagram @wet_bucket.