21 years of experience never looked so good!  Russell started his apprenticeship in 2000, and had his first paying client in 2002. Since then, he has been traveling the entire east coast, owning some residencies, guest spotting, and attending many tattoo conventions.  If Russell isn't tattooing, you can find him painting, off-roading in his jeep, or at one of his club's bike rides.

He recently completed his first T-Shirt Design with Wet Bucket Tattoo.  "The eagle is good, it's an iconic Traditional piece " says Russell. "And the Playboy bunny... Everyone knows the Playboy bunny, even your Granny". The entirety of the shirt is an ode to biker culture. The front logo includes a 3/4 biker helmet with the words "Wet Bucket Tattoo" in bubble letters. "American Traditional and biker culture have been around long before us, and will continue to exist long after we do," says Russell. 

Russell specialized in full color American Traditional, and especially loves it when a client gives him full artistic creativity to work his craft on their skin. He has been wanting to delve into the realm of Trash Polka, but is always down for some American Traditional, or a fun new school piece.

 traditional lady face traditional cobra tattoo traditional tattoos

To see more of his work, follow @r.schalktattoos on Instagram.